Why I Wrote Our Time Will Come


Why I Wrote “Our Time Will Come”

     Years ago, I learned about the two Quebec Conferences of 1943 and 1944, where President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and their staffs met in Quebec City. I saw newspaper pictures of Churchill touring the City in an open convertible limo, during the 1943 Conference, and wondered why the Nazis didn’t try to assassinate the British Prime Minister. Or did they?

     Once I retired from practicing medicine, I started writing what I thought would be a WWII spy novel. However, it turned out to be a WWII love story, intertwined with a Nazi plot to assassinate Churchill. Throughout the process, I stayed true to the timeline of the historical events mentioned. I also depict in the book how the upper-middle class lived, during WWII, in Quebec City, my hometown.

     “Our Time Will Come” should please readers of WWII historical fiction, and since romance is the central theme of the book, it should also satisfy readers of that genre.

Jean holding book
Jean holding book.