Introducing My Debut Novel

[Following is an official review of “Our Time Will Come” by Jean Gallant Marcoux.]

Our Time Will Come by Jean Gallant Marcoux is an historical fiction novel that revolves around a romance that began in Paris in 1938. The war impeded the couple’s plans as Hélène returned home to Canada while Hans fulfilled his obligations as a German soldier. Despite the complications of the war, their love motivated them to find a way to be together.

Hans and Hélène met at the Louvre. Their shared interest in art quickly developed into more intimate conversations. The relationship matured to the point that they began discussing marriage. The critical obstacle to their relationship was their different faiths. Hélène was Catholic, and Hans was Protestant. Hélène wanted a church wedding in Canada, so they decided to wait until Hans was able to immigrate. 

While Hans served in the German army, he saw an advertisement asking for volunteers to infiltrate Canada. Could this be a way to get to Hélène? Should he get to Canada, would he consider deserting from the army? Would the Canadian government be able to protect him from the Nazis? What consequences would desertion cause even after the war?

The story of Our Time Will Come advanced details of World War II from a unique perspective. Canada’s participation in the war is a vital part of the story, and the infiltration of German soldiers into Canada enhanced the narrative. 

I enjoyed how the author kept the reader informed of the activities of both main characters. The author took time to construct an intense romance between Hans and Hélène before they were separated. The alternating chapters that highlighted the main characters maintained the suspense without leaving the reader languishing in a void of information. The tension increased as Hans debated his options to reunite with Hélène under the radar of the Nazi regime. Plausible dangers for Hans and Hélène pushed the characters to an intense showdown with the enemy. I liked the ending and the hint of a possible sequel.

The unique perspective that the author shed on this world event kept me intrigued. The exceptional character development and the numerous twists that the narrative took made the 195 pages pass quickly. Readers of historical fiction would enjoy this author’s innovative angle on World War II. Romance is also a central theme of the book and would satisfy readers of that genre. Readers will encounter a few sensual scenes and some violence. If you do not enjoy history or stories about World War II, this book is not for you.

“I like it when a writer infuses romance into an otherwise intense plot. Also, Canada’s role in WW II is rarely talked about; it’s quite creative of the author to explore that angle.”

Michelle Fred

I read books of this genre occasionally. It’s a unique perspective, which I always enjoy. It’s one I’ll have to put on my list, as I do want to know what happens to the characters. Infiltrating Canada sounds intriguing.


Historical fiction and romance combined is definitely my cup of tea. I will read this book just to find out if Hélené got her church wedding.


As I was reading your review, I could imagine a movie being made about this love story. It sounds like the author did an amazing job of keeping readers’ interest throughout this book. Thank you for this recommendation and great review!